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Author: Arunas R
[EXCLUSIVE] - Jiotto Caspita - FULL STORY
At the turn of decade when eighties met nineties, as a result of upswing economy was a rise of popularity for supercars. Spectacular trend-setting automobiles like Ferrari F40, Porsche 959 or a highly unique Cizeta Moroder V16T then dominated th...  Read more »
Author: Arunas R
BEIJING 2014 - Volkswagen tesases Golf R 400 Concept
Volkswagen has issued the following press release:FIRST SKETCHES OF 400 PS FOUR-WHEEL-DRIVE GOLF R 400 CONCEPT REVEALEDVolkswagen has released design sketches of the Golf R 400 concept car, ahead of its official unveiling at the Auto China show ...  Read more »
16/04/2014 2014 MG Concept EV (0) 
Author: Arunas R
2014 MG Concept EV
MG has issued the following press release:MG CELEBRATES 90TH ANNIVERSARY WITH GLOBAL CONCEPT EV DEBUT- MG displays current and future technology at SMMT London headquarters 16-28 April- Global debut of the Dynamo concept electric vehicle- Displa...  Read more »
Author: Arunas R
NEW YORK 2014 - Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept [VIDEO]
Land Rover has issued the following press release:LAND ROVER UNVEILS PIONEERING DISCOVERY VISION CONCEPTBold new vision for the New Age of Discovery: Smarter, more connected, more desirable and more capableAT-A-GLANCE- Discovery Vision Concept r...  Read more »
Author: Arunas R
Rezvani releases third and the last teaser of the Beast
Rezvani Motors has issued the following press release:Today, Rezvani is unveiling its final teaser of BEAST before the sports car officially makes it debut next month.To go along with its impressive performance, BEAST was designed with aerodynam...  Read more »
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